Documenting purportedly unscripted real-life situations

  • San Diego Comic Con: Celebrating 50 Years

    San Diego Comic Con 50, The world's most spectacular comic con for creators from across the globe. Here we explore some of the top illustrators, manufacturers, corporate brands, and studios known to man while celebrating 50 years of SDCC.

  • Heroes of the Big Apple: New York Comic Con

    New York Comic Con, one of the largest cons in North America and where America's elite artists showcase their talents. Here is where we explore the best from around the world.

  • Heroes of Supercon Miami

    FLORIDA SUPERCON - In Miami Florida, is an incredible U.S. event filled with celebs, artists, creators, and more. Here the Heroes team explores some of the best talent, creations, and artistry from southern Florida and from across the U.S.

  • Heroes at the Border: Niagara Falls and Detroit

    A look into comic conventions and creators at the border cities of Canada and the U.S. as the Heroes Manufactured team visits Niagara Falls Comic Con and Detroit's Motor City Comic Con.

  • Creators of Hamilton Comic Con

    The Heroes Team visits Hamilton Ontario for an event that brings out some of the best Canadian and American artists and creators including Marvel and DC legendary comic artist Jim Shooter.

  • Heroes Manufactured: Creators Unleashed

    1 season

    A reality series following North America's top comic cons while showcasing the best of pop culture's creative talent. Heroes Manufactured: Creators Unleashed explores the world of illustration, cosplay, toy creation, game development, and much more...

  • Heroes of Fan Expo Canada

    A news-based documentary series about the best in pop culture creations and artistry while exploring the top comic cons from 7 North American cities. In this episode, we explore Canada's and North America's largest comic convention FAN EXPO CANADA!

  • MMM Girls part 2

    NOMALY spends time with Models Lauren (@lo.spoon), Chelsea (@chelsea_gootee1) and Tasiana (@tasianallama) at the Mansion. B Roll, Photoshoots, Swimming and more fun followed up with a sit down podcast in this episode of Mansion Model Monday's.

  • MMM Girls

    Spend some time with NOMALY at the Mansion!

    We are gonna take you on a journey behind the scenes into the world of beautiful Models, Designers, Stylists, Hair and Makeup Artists, Entertainers and More in some of the most luxurious properties! We sit down and chop it up podcast style with some of...

  • A Perfect 14

    A Perfect 14 explores the world of plus-size models fighting to reshape the fashion industry and the beauty standards of society, holding fashion industry leaders accountable for their responsibility in size-based segregation.

  • Square One: Michael Jackson

    An investigation into the 1993 case in which Michael Jackson was accused of sexually molesting a 13-year-old boy. The film strategically uncovers new evidence and information through interviews with people closest to the situation.

  • Diamond and Dolls

    1 season

    Join Tebogo “African Diamond” Ramokgadi and the four perfectly imperfect gals he affectionately calls The Dolls. On their journey to fame and fortune, there’ll be plenty of gorgeous glamour and, of course, drama.

  • A Tale of Three Sisters

    Sibling rivalry gets the better of Eva and her two sisters, and things get physical. Still, since it’s Tebogo's birthday, the focus shifts to celebrations with celebrities, champagne, and some cheeky gossip.

  • Eva vs Lolo

    Tebogo has spent months working on an album, so he’s thrown a bash to show his new music to the Dolls. Eva and Lolo have a terrible disagreement, which puts the fate of the Dolls in jeopardy.

  • Pajama Drama

    The Dolls turn Eva’s pajama party into a chance to show off their lingerie, then fly off to the Durban July, where they expect to be the life of the party.

  • Fashion Icons

    Ahead of Eva’s big make-up brand launch, Eva and Tebogo speculate about Inno’s dark secret. For the event, Diamond and Dolls make sure they’re dressed to the nines to greet their celebrity friends.

  • Dolls Down to Earth

    Tebogo goes home to Rustenburg, where his friends and family throw him a huge bash, but what everyone is interested in is whether Eva slept with Davido.

  • Bring Out My Dolls

    We meet African Diamond and his Dolls for the first time over lunch, where they discuss Lumi’s plans for her upcoming birthday party.

  • Soul Sucker

    Robb ventures off the beaten path to attempt some art that is incredibly odd. First, he tries his hand at bootleg toy-making with street artist "Sucklord" in New York, and then it's on to the Big Easy to investigate Haitian Voodoo art.

  • Old School

    Robb heads to the Big Easy, to work with a photogravure artist and then on to West Virginia to paint a Mothman mural with one of the last remaining billboard painters in the USA.

  • Body of Work

    Robb heads to two destinations to work with two amazing artists that use the human body as their canvas. He will learn the art of body camouflage painting and scarification, the ancient tribal act of carving patterns into human flesh.

  • Peace of Flesh

    Robb attempts to balance mind and body in this episode that will test his patience and his might. Turkish water marbling and becoming a circus strongman are not easy, but it's all in a day's work for our fearless host!

  • Keeping It Virtual Reality

    Virtual Reality Painting is an art form that is on the bleeding edge of technology. Picking up this art form is easy for those who are technically inclined, but Robb and tech go together like spilled beer on a motherboard.

  • Nothing Lasts Forever

    Robb gets down and dirty in this episode that features a pair of expert sandcastle sculptors and the inventor of "dirty car art."