Diamond and Dolls

Diamond and Dolls

6 Episodes

Join Tebogo “African Diamond” Ramokgadi and the four perfectly imperfect gals he affectionately calls The Dolls. On their journey to fame and fortune, there’ll be plenty of gorgeous glamour and, of course, drama.

Diamond and Dolls
  • Eva vs Lolo

    Episode 6

    Tebogo has spent months working on an album, so he’s thrown a bash to show his new music to the Dolls. Eva and Lolo have a terrible disagreement, which puts the fate of the Dolls in jeopardy.

  • A Tale of Three Sisters

    Episode 5

    Sibling rivalry gets the better of Eva and her two sisters, and things get physical. Still, since it’s Tebogo's birthday, the focus shifts to celebrations with celebrities, champagne, and some cheeky gossip.

  • Fashion Icons

    Episode 4

    Ahead of Eva’s big make-up brand launch, Eva and Tebogo speculate about Inno’s dark secret. For the event, Diamond and Dolls make sure they’re dressed to the nines to greet their celebrity friends.

  • Dolls Down to Earth

    Episode 3

    Tebogo goes home to Rustenburg, where his friends and family throw him a huge bash, but what everyone is interested in is whether Eva slept with Davido.

  • Pajama Drama

    Episode 2

    The Dolls turn Eva’s pajama party into a chance to show off their lingerie, then fly off to the Durban July, where they expect to be the life of the party.

  • Bring Out My Dolls

    Episode 1

    We meet African Diamond and his Dolls for the first time over lunch, where they discuss Lumi’s plans for her upcoming birthday party.